Day 51: A Climax Approaches

Feeling better today! Not 100% yet, but still better–hence the double posting.

I was thinking today about goals, deadlines, and the inevitable transformative processes that occur throughout our lives. When do they happen? When does change actually occur within us and upon our lives in a meaningful and significant way? How do we rise to meet these changes, or not as the case may be?

My father is fond of saying that good luck is simply preparation meeting opportunity. I like this idea. I like the notion of creating our own opportunities. Being sick has made me feel like my aim is off regarding the opportunities I’ve been trying to prepare for. I was struck today by a sudden and intense sensation that change is soon to be upon me, that all that I’ve worked for is soon to reach a point of climax. Can any of us ever really be prepared for that?

A Climax Approaches

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