Day 289: Dessert Time

Time management is at the fore of my thoughts today. So much I want to do weighed against so much I need to do. I need to find a way to make some more time.

Dessert Time

Day 111: Bug Bite

Several days ago I thought I’d managed to get a very fine cut on the base of my thumb. Then I thought I had a bit of dead skin hanging from it and went to snip it free so the cut wouldn’t widen. It wasn’t a piece of dead skin. It was a swelling. It stung to the touch and I thought it must be an ingrown hair, or very odd, some kind of zit (I’ve never had either on my hand).

A day later it had doubled in size and a poke accidentally burst it. Along with all the nasty that came out was a small brown needle-like thing that might have been a hair, a stinger, or part of a proboscis broken off when some bug took a nibble out of me. The base of my thumb swelled up red, and over the course of the day a vein of redness spread up the length of my arm.

I’ve seen it all taken care of and all that’s left now is a red, waxy pucker at the original bite-site. As gross as this whole process has been it’s also been somewhat fascinating. What exactly was going on inside my body? What bit me? What was left behind? How did my immune system respond?

Whatever the case, I’m pretty sure whatever but me is dead now. Hope I tasted good, you creepy little jerk.

Bug Bite

Day 21: Hole in the Wall

Yesterday my bride and I went on a lunch date and struck gold at a tiny place called Happy Coffee House that serves a seriously mean Cuban coffee and high quality Cambodian food. It’s a “blink and you’ll miss it” place and your life is a little less rich for having missed it. Look it up if you’re ever in Galveston, Texas.

This successful discover comes right in the heels of another. It is our goal to discover all of the hidden gems near us and so far we’re on a roll! This poem is an ode to those small, out of the way restaurants that are beyond rewarding for those willing to give them a try.

Hole in the Wall