Day 16: Burning Planet

My heart goes out to Australia, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

Burning Planet

Day 12: Seeds of Creation

This one is slightly inspired by a book I’m working on. I’ve always got around a dozen things being juggled at a time it seems. There’s just so much to do, so many seeds of creation to sow. The creative in me cannot stop crying out “More. More!”

I have to pace myself or I’ll burn out and won’t sow anything. I think that’s why I’ve been on such a temporal theme kick with my poetry since starting this project. I’ve become almost hyper aware of the passage of time and just how precious it is. But this morning I celebrate creativity and imagination and let my inner pragmatist rest.

Seeds of Creation

Day 11: For the Love of Dirt

No excuses–yesterday’s poem was not a good one. Sadly, not everything I post here will be. Don’t I wish that were the case. The poem is messy, incoherent, and riddled with mistakes. While my thoughts and heart behind it were beautiful, the execution and result were decidedly not. That’s what revision is for, and with that revision, I think that yesterday’s poem has the potential to be something great.

This thought process is what inspired this morning’s poem. I think I did better this time. I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments if you have a moment to spare. Thank you for reading, by the way.

Without further delay…

For the Love of Dirt