Day 225 & 227; Untitled & I Breathed for a Dragon

Overdue update. I’ve had a lot on my plate these last few days. I started a new job as a Veterinary Technician (in training) and I’ve been sick. Fun way to jump into a major life change, but go big or go home, right?

Both of these poems were inspired by one of our patients, a Chinese Water dragon. The second poem is closer to what the first poem was meant to be. It’s funny how we can think of something as unfinished then look back and be like “oh hey, that didn’t turn out half bad just as it is.”


I Breathed for a Dragon

Day 48: In The Shallows

Today’s title comes courtesy of my loving, wonderful bride.

I took a much needed and unplanned self-care day to recuperate. I had no idea how tired I was and the rest has not only done me a ton of good, hopefully getting me back on top of my game, but it also inspired today’s poem.

Today I rested. Tomorrow, I attack my tasks and pursue my goals with vigor.

In The Shallows

Day 7: The Hunter’s Sabath

Happy one week anniversary, everyone! Hard to believe we’ve made it to this bench mark. Feeling pretty accomplished right now. Also a little tired.

The last few days have been crazy, which has been a great test and proven to myself my own commitment to this personal creative challenge. I’ll be able to relax a bit and focus on my other pursuits for a bit, but last night I was so wired from all the activity that I had trouble initially sleeping. I was like a grumpy 5 year old at bed time. Crashed hard finally and woke up invigorated and inspired.

Today is going to be a good day. This next week is going to be a good week. Same for the month and year. I’m finding that balance between pursuing my purpose, being a provider, and learning when and how to rest and enjoy the life my bride and I are building together. Thanks for sticking with my this far. Here’s to one milestone passed and many more to come.

The Hunter’s Sabbath