Day 103: Toxic Refreshment

I have mixed feelings about surprises. Some are welcome. Some are not. Today I received the latter kind, which struck doubly hard because I was expecting the former. The original concept was something a little more fecal (with a comparison to chocolate), but I couldn’t bring myself to swear, which is what I feel that particular poem’s muse would have required of me. In the end, I think that this poem is better than the one originally envisioned. Anyone thirsty?

Toxic Refreshment

Day 58: The Stranger

I hate being sick.

My bride and I have been alternating back and forth for the last week or so fighting some bug. Everyone around us is also getting sick. Finally thought I’d beaten it over the weekend–and then Monday night hit and it’s been downhill from there. Knock on wood we’re both on the mend.

The Stranger

Day 53: Unthinking Rock

My friend and cohost for The Everyday Pier Podcast, Eduardo, is fond of saying that computers are just rocks that we have tricked into thinking. My computer is suffering some kind of glitch that has it thinking itself into knots.

Unthinking Rock