Day 75: Conflicting Queries

Forgot my poetry notebook at home today–oops! Got back to it with a notion of writing about the visceral sensation of joy and got interrupted. Over and over. It was kind of funny actually.

Ended up helping my bride cook dinner and a question arose between us. Not a new question, an old one. One which we each have a differing opinion on: which is the priority, presentation or purpose?

That inspired today’s work, which I confess myself not particularly pleased with. I may have to come back and rework this one later. My brain’s a tad frazzled.

Conflicting Queries

Day 73: Instruments of Creation

Oops! I wrote today’s poem but got interrupted when I started to put it up on the blog. Almost forgot entirely that it still needs to be shared!

My bride and I have been having problems with our technology lately. My computer has been giving me no end of grief and trying to replace it hasn’t been a picnic. Just about everything that can go wrong has. Yesterday we had one of those freak accidents that would be hilarious if it wasn’t so expensive.

Our dog got spooked by an insect biting him on the bottom and spun around. I’m doing so he caught the phone charger hooked up to my bride’s phone, pulling the phone off the table and on top of him. Already panicked, he bit the phone. I could not make this up. The phone is all but unusable. Fortunately the puppy is fine.

The entire affair has me thinking about humanity’s relationship with its tools. We really aren’t that impressive a species when you think about it, not until you begin to examine our minds, adaptability, and ingenuity. Take away our tools and it’s a drastic blow to our effectiveness and capability.

Instruments of Creation

Day 53: Unthinking Rock

My friend and cohost for The Everyday Pier Podcast, Eduardo, is fond of saying that computers are just rocks that we have tricked into thinking. My computer is suffering some kind of glitch that has it thinking itself into knots.

Unthinking Rock

Day 33: Ritual

I am one of those people who does exceptionally well when I know what is going to happen. Routines, systems, habits–these things help to energize and propel me forward. I like structure and knowing the next piece I’ll need to build with. There’s a power to this that is sacred and it occurred to me that like so many of the tools we have available at our fingertips in such abundance, how we use this tool, or misuse it, can alter the course of our entire life.