Day 142: There is a Lighthouse

If you haven’t read “The War of Art” and are professional creative an entrepreneur I highly recommend reading it. In it the opposing force to the creative spirit is named “resistance” and I’ve been fighting it this morning. The result is today’s poem. Not sure where the imagery came from.

There is a Lighthouse

Day 113 & 114: Storm in a Bottle, Good Dog’s Good Day

Another double post. Got yesterday’s poem written in my notebook but didn’t have the chance to share it. So here is that poem first, followed by today’s.

Sometimes we have an utterly irrational emotion overcome us. It’s a humbling experience because we know it’s irrational and it doesn’t change a thing. In fact, the knowing serves to exacerbate the problem by creating a feeling of helplessness. Art, poetry, writing, these are the tools of release and catharsis and they work wonders.

Storm in a Bottle

My dog has had an absolutely wonderful day today and only needs one thing to make it complete. Pretty sure he’s going to get it.

Good Dog’s Good Day

Day 174: Endless Waves

Spending some time near the beach today with my bride talking about storytelling. I found myself admiring the never ending series of waves that surge up to glide into the shore and it inspired today’s work.

Endless Waves

Day 129: Waves

I’ve never seen the ocean so gray or hungry as before a storm. We’re supposed to be getting a week of rain starting today. It certainly looks like rain. Still a few brave tourists on the beach taking photographs. Seeing the waves rise up behind this family as they took a group photo, the promised storm gathering on the horizon, inspired this morning’s work.