Day 3: Good Morning, Amor

Before anything else, thank you everyone who liked my page/post/poem yesterday! That was really encouraging.

Taking a photo of the rough draft directly from my poetry journal ended up working out so much better than retyping it. It was said (sadly I forget by who) that no plan survives first contact and that’s definitely true here. I am revising my implementation process.

The new plan? Post directly here with a photo of the rough draft poem. Critique of some of these poems will be conducted via the upcoming podcast, which will also include readings of my poetry and discussions of poetry in general.

None of which, I assume, is why you are here today! So without further ado…

Good Morning, Amor

Brace yourself. Love poems are coming. I’m a romantic, madly in love with my bride, and she often serves as my muse. You’ll be seeing many more poems dedicated to or inspired by her in the future.

Big favor, readers? Let my know if my chicken scratch is legible? If need be I’ll come back and type this up below the picture so that it’s actually readable.

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