Day 317: Evolving Enviros

Lots of changes around me lately. More to come I suspect.

Evolving Environment

Day 140: When the Apex Fell

Still feeling the dinosaur vibe. Love the idea of making a collection of dinosaur poetry. We’ll see if that happens.

Thinking about the power of those creatures and how different the world was to sustain them. We used to have so much oxygen on the planet that it would actually kill us if we tried to breathe it. It allowed for wildly different growth. Consider dragon flies large enough to swoop by and snap your head off. And then the things that ate them. And the things that are them…just what was it like at the top of that particular food chain?

When the Alex Fell

Day 166; Predation

My bride and I are attending the Houston Symphony tonight. They are performing in conjunction with footage provided by National Geographic and we are both very excited. Needless to say, today’s poem was inspired by my excitement and expectations. The idea of something so decidedly human as music juxtaposed to imagery of that which is untouched by man brings to mind thoughts of our relationship with nature and nature’s relationship with itself.


Day 164: Decoherence

I was reading an article this morning about decoherence and I’m how countless uncontrollable environmental factors are the key reason why we don’t yet have effective quantum computers. The short version is that there are so many outside influences that the absurdly delicate and complicated machinery goes wonky halfway through trying to calculate anything that’s worth being calculated. It got me thinking about our own communication with each other.

In his book “On Writing” Stephen King describes the process of writing as an act of telepathy that transcends time and space. I love this idea. I also see that it’s not entirely accurate because even though you are reading the thoughts that I have put here directly from my brain, there are countless environmental factors that will influence your perception of this writing, to say nothing of your own internal translation process. My thoughts are not your thoughts and decoding them for your mind to process will doubtless create a degree of translational dissonance.

In essence, it’s small wonder that we’re able to effectively communicate at all when you consider just how easy it is to misunderstand one another.