Day 115 and Day 117; Brain (Not) Dead, Cannot Connect

Another double post today. Sunday I was too brain dead to do more than jot down my poem when I was struck by a sudden and quick burst of inspiration. Honestly I’ve no idea how I wrote it because I was such a gibberish mess by Sunday afternoon I could barely string a sentence together (just ask my bride). That condition is actually what inspired that day’s poem.

Brain (Not) Dead

And I completely dropped the ball yesterday. No poem. Travel, Fatigue, and general procrastination defeated me. BUT I have today’s poem right here. This one brought to you by a misbehaving internet connection.

Cannot Connect

Day 182 & 184: Zenith; (Not) Working

Didn’t upload on Day 182 because I got caught up with my writing, ran out of time, and by the time I remembered I was supposed to actually share my poetry it was too late.

Day 183 happened to be my birthday and I don’t feel too badly admitting I was too caught up in the good things going on to write a poem.

Day 184, we’re all caught up.

I couldn’t help noticing some carryover from the themes of Monday’s poem to this morning’s entry. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to broken things and things that aren’t broken and when we give them our attention, when do we celebrate them. We have a very odd relationship with things that work and things that don’t. People too for that matter. It is absurdly complicated and doesn’t really make sense.

And I say all of this as one of the biggest offenders. When something works, when it does good, when it is steady and consistent and amazing, we ignore it until it isn’t. Instead we focus on repairing the broken. Is either right? Is either healthy? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


(Not) Working

Day 165: Small Messages

I’ve had several people dear to me reaching out lately and it’s meant a lot. It’s also got me thinking about what a terrible communicator I am and how bad I am at staying in touch to let my friends and family know that I value them. Definitely something to work on because those messages, like the people they are intended for, are worth it.

Small Messages

Day 164: Decoherence

I was reading an article this morning about decoherence and I’m how countless uncontrollable environmental factors are the key reason why we don’t yet have effective quantum computers. The short version is that there are so many outside influences that the absurdly delicate and complicated machinery goes wonky halfway through trying to calculate anything that’s worth being calculated. It got me thinking about our own communication with each other.

In his book “On Writing” Stephen King describes the process of writing as an act of telepathy that transcends time and space. I love this idea. I also see that it’s not entirely accurate because even though you are reading the thoughts that I have put here directly from my brain, there are countless environmental factors that will influence your perception of this writing, to say nothing of your own internal translation process. My thoughts are not your thoughts and decoding them for your mind to process will doubtless create a degree of translational dissonance.

In essence, it’s small wonder that we’re able to effectively communicate at all when you consider just how easy it is to misunderstand one another.


Day 150: Disconnected

Having a weird thing happen where we’re losing phone service inside our home. Our WiFi connection still works with our phones but making it receiving texts or calls? The experience is producing some odd sensations, many frustrating, others not so much.


Day 147: The Gift of Presence

I love where I live. I am grateful that my bride and I have moved here. This is a wonderful, welcoming community that has been very good to both of us.

I have two good friends who I do not speak to as often as I wish I could or even as often as I should. My family often has events that I have to decline the invitations to. Our home is wonderful, I wouldn’t give it up, but there is a much greater effort to share oneself with people over distance.

My parents made a trip down from Houston today just to join my bride and I for breakfast on Memorial Day. It was kind and generous and inspiring. They made an effort. They sacrificed time and space to join us today. How amazing is that? I must try harder to do the same.

The Gift of Presence

Day 26: Ode to the Tongue

Some very sweet coworkers insisted that I have some of their delicious food during our break. I’ve never had a healthy, Iranian cake before. Delicious! And it got me thinking about the underrated sense of taste and under appreciated muscle responsible for it. Truly remarkable when you consider how much the song does for us.

Ode to the Tongue