Day 310: Morning, Dark Roast

Thoroughly enjoying this morning’s coffee. It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?

Morning, Dark Roast

Day 248: Lighthouse

I’ve been fascinated by the imagery of the lighthouse lately. Hardly an original notion, the idea of a guiding destination, but it feels especially pertinent to me lately at this stage of my creative journey.


Day 32: Fort of Fog

For the very first time our “day” doesn’t match up with our “date.” It’s a really good feeling. 32 days of poetry and counting! Just 333 more days of poetry to go! Love that number, 333.

Yesterday a rainstorm rolled through and left a blanket of fog covering everything. It’s still with us today and inspires this afternoon’s poem.

Enjoy the first poem of our second month on this creative journey.

Fort of Fog