Days 176 & 177: Packed; Missing Spots

Once again inspiration struck when I didn’t have my notebook on me and I had to resort to writing yesterday’s poem on scrap paper. I transcribed it into my poetry notebook this morning before writing today’s poem.

Yesterday I left my bride and my dog in Houston. Nobody’s especially thrilled about it, least of all my puppy. He’s a rescue and has severe anxiety attacks every time he sees a suitcase being packed. He knows it means a trip and that it’s not going to be a quick ride in the car. He gets both desperate and excited and it’s him that inspired yesterday’s poem. Kind of hurt to write it out. I’m missing him and my bride today.


This morning’s poem comes from my ever frenetic attempts at organization and prioritizing. There’s always more to do. And now after that. Beauty of life. When it runs out, there’s no life left. Even so, I feel like I’m sending my brain spiraling around inside my own skull sometimes.

Missing Spots

Day 35: Thesis of Life

You ever have your whole day planned out? You’re proud of it. Know that you’re going to be productive. Pleased that you’ve managed to work everything together just so. Why, your schedule is practically a work of art.

Then a phone call. Good news or bad. Disruption. The plans are shattered and you’re left rushing forward through the day trying to pick up as many of the original pieces as you can along the way. Blessings in disguise and lessons to be learned here.

Thesis of Life