Day 77: The Written Word

There is power in stories. Hypnotic power that can keep us turning the page long past when we should have stopped to go to bed. Power to transcend the senses and conjure powerful reactions, sometimes even physical reactions. This is what I hope to replicate with my work. For now, I simply wonder at it.

The Written Word

Day 46: Disturbed Immersion

Ever read a book or watch a movie and an explanation is given for something that makes absolutely no sense? That is to say, the explanation is simply flat out weak or stupid. In fact, if the explanation had not been given, the issue that it was trying to explain away in the first place wouldn’t even be an issue. You’d glide right past it, happily immersed in the world of the story. Then this happens, and you start to think, and the holes open up.

Sometimes things are better left alone and the world created in the hearts and minds of creator and viewer alike simply allowed to be.

Disturbed Immersion

Day 19: Telepathic Cycle

If you haven’t read Stephen King’s “On Writing” and you are a creative writer, I highly recommend it. A passage from King’s book has stuck with me through the years, in which he describes the art of writing as an act of telepathy. Through writing we are literally reading each other’s thought, putting hem directly from one brain into another, regardless of time or space between us. An interesting thought to consider, no?

The holiday season was crazy, and it’s been a blissfully tumultuous start to the new year. Throughout which, I’ve been writing. Poetry is easier because it’s shorter and for me comes in bursts, but I love writing my novels and telling stories. I’ve been pushing myself to write and publish more of them and finally – FINALLY – my efforts have been rewarded and a routine for regular creation is coming into effect. This morning, after I finish my coffee, start of the day rituals, and walk the dog, I get to answer my calling and delve into my vocation.

Today I get to write. I am thrilled.

Telepathic Cycle