Day 240: The Purpose of the Blade

I had a conversation last night about the way we change. How sometimes we are not stretched but instead compressed. It made me think of swords, how they are forged, how they function, and what their purpose is. We as human beings are in a never ending war against entropy. Like swords, we must be forged to become strong enough to fight back, and also like swords, we are only dangerous when we are moving.

The Purpose of the Blade

Day 154: Overload

Everyone and everything has an opinion, it seems. Most of them are good and valid. What’s frustrating is when they are unsolicited and come from places, such as your own body and mind, that cannot be denied or ignored, and worse still when they are also opposed. Today has been a day of conflicting opinions and information. At this point, I’m over analyzing and optimization and ready to simply make things happen.


Day 108: If You Make A Wound A Weapon

The titular line of this piece came to me years ago in a convoluted notion about how we weaponize our injuries. A conversation with a dear friend had me returning to the line and considering the deeper ramifications of it.

If You Make A Wound A Weapon

Day 75: Conflicting Queries

Forgot my poetry notebook at home today–oops! Got back to it with a notion of writing about the visceral sensation of joy and got interrupted. Over and over. It was kind of funny actually.

Ended up helping my bride cook dinner and a question arose between us. Not a new question, an old one. One which we each have a differing opinion on: which is the priority, presentation or purpose?

That inspired today’s work, which I confess myself not particularly pleased with. I may have to come back and rework this one later. My brain’s a tad frazzled.

Conflicting Queries