February 18 2020: Old Dog, New Puppy

I started my day cuddling my bride, our old dog, and our new puppy. Our old dog has been struggling with our new addition and has felt a little displaced. He was so very happy this morning and has been laying on top of my feet since I sat down with my notebooks and journal to begin my day. I love this dog.

Old Dog, New Puppy

Day 178: Bands

I sat down today to do my poem and realized I had forgotten to put on my wedding band. I always put it on first thing in the morning and somehow it slipped by me today. There is a profound sense of wrongness that always accompanies the absence of my wedding band from my finger. Not seeing it, not feeling it where it was supposed to be immediately drove me to correct that. That feeling and the thoughts it aroused in me are what served as today’s inspiration.