Day 8: The Quiet Lie

Over a week into the new year and the new challenge!

Another short one today, intended to be longer but I couldn’t organize my thoughts and the puppies kept wanting attention. I think I’d originally intended to make some kind of ode to creatures who’ve gone extinct but I honestly can’t remember at this point. It’s funny how putting things down and coming back to them changes them each time, even if it’s only a brief departure.

The Quiet Lie

Day 178: Bands

I sat down today to do my poem and realized I had forgotten to put on my wedding band. I always put it on first thing in the morning and somehow it slipped by me today. There is a profound sense of wrongness that always accompanies the absence of my wedding band from my finger. Not seeing it, not feeling it where it was supposed to be immediately drove me to correct that. That feeling and the thoughts it aroused in me are what served as today’s inspiration.


Day 36: Your Absence

Last night my cohost, partner in crime, and good friend Eduardo joined me in recording the pilot episode for The Everyday Poet Podcast. We’ll be recording more episodes once we know how long production is going to take and will Schedule their release accordingly. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to many more episodes.

That was last night. This morning I find myself strongly missing my bride. She’s away for work right now and I’m simply not as much without her. Keenly feeling her absence today.

You are missed, Amor.

Your Absence