Day 115 and Day 117; Brain (Not) Dead, Cannot Connect

Another double post today. Sunday I was too brain dead to do more than jot down my poem when I was struck by a sudden and quick burst of inspiration. Honestly I’ve no idea how I wrote it because I was such a gibberish mess by Sunday afternoon I could barely string a sentence together (just ask my bride). That condition is actually what inspired that day’s poem.

Brain (Not) Dead

And I completely dropped the ball yesterday. No poem. Travel, Fatigue, and general procrastination defeated me. BUT I have today’s poem right here. This one brought to you by a misbehaving internet connection.

Cannot Connect

Day 167: Behind the Scenes

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s to all the fathers and father figures in our lives who have shaped us for the better and offered their support.

Here’s to you, Dad.

Today’s poem is an ode to not only fathers and father figures, but those countless individuals who make up our support systems. For those who are sources of stability and encouragement, who are constants in our lives and who will never get the appreciation or recognition they deserve. Thank you. This one’s for you wonderful people.

Behind the Scenes

Day 22: Decentralized Tempest

Wow, we passed the three week mark and didn’t even notice. Someone somewhere once said it takes 21 days to make something a habit. Here’s to making poetry a regular part of everyday living.

On the subject of everyday living, this morning has found me contemplating geography, familial relationships, networking, and the relationship we as a people, arguably as a species, now share with technology. Information always at our fingertips. Platforms selling connections rather than services. Social networks. Businesses that span globes.

It’s all so amorphous isn’t it? No less powerful for it, simply different. Arguably more powerful for the sheer amount of connections and information we’ve enabled ourselves to have access to. How on earth could we explain this modern phenomenon to someone thirty, or even twenty, years ago? More relevant, less philosophical question: where are we going with it?

Decentralized Tempest