Day 118: Galveston, Home

My bride and I have been down in Galveston now for a little over half a year and we love it here. I found myself reflecting on that this morning and let that become the basis for today’s poem.

As an aside, we took some family member to the Galveston Art Walk this weekend. The first exhibit we walked in to was called “Cat Butt Parfait.” I’ll leave it to your imagination exactly what it contained. My parent’s reaction? Priceless.

Galveston, Home

Day 188: A Quiet Moment

Sometimes they are difficult to find. This is, I think, because quiet moments aren’t ever truly found: quiet moments are made.

A Quiet Moment

Day 185: Sofa

A sofa might seem an odd thing to write a poem about, especially on July 4th but hear me out. Today’s poem is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine. He came to the United States on a student visa and has worked his tail off as a student and as a professional. He’s always kept his living light, just in case he had to leave.

He once confided in me that he had a dream of owning a sofa, because to him, a sofa is a symbol of permanence. You don’t buy a sofa for a place if you’re not sure you’re staying. Yesterday he got the great news. He’s staying and it’s time to shop for a sofa.

I say all of this today because I think it’s important to remember that we are a nation founded on immigration. The vast majority of United States’ citizens are the descendants of immigrants. Just check back a few generations.

Congratulations, my friend, and happy Independence Day, America.


Day 135: The Smell of Salt

Wrote this yesterday at a wonderful little place on the beach called The Tipsy Turtle. Wonderful food and ambiance, plus the ocean is right there. My new schedule is agreeing with me and is helping me to slow down and focus on some of the more important things, such as the many ways my life has been blessed.

Roman soldiers used to be paid in salt. The Bible refers to Christians as “the salt of the earth.” There is a definite luxury to the mineral and a history of worth.

The Smell of Salt

Day 93: Secret Corners

I had lunch with my sister today and got to glimpse a sliver of her life. She took me to a small restaurant hidden beneath downtown Houston that I never would have know was there. It got me thinking of the places, and memories, that we collect and how they define a piece of our existence and how eager, and terrified, we are to share them.

Secret Corners

Day 79: Joy is a State

Today’s poem was inspired by “Rotunda” written by Houston poet Mark Jodon, author of “Day of the Speckled Trout” and “What the Raven Wants.” It was published in San Antonio Express-News and shared with me by my mother. If you have not had the privilege of reading Mr. Jodon’s work, I highly encourage you to do so.

In reading “Rotunda,” I noticed that in contrast to Jodon’s style here, I tend to almost always fill up the available space to me with words. Here’s an attempt at brevity.

Joy is a State

Day 37: Space to Place

Big steps being taken for The Everyday Poet! First up, special thanks to Eduardo for his masterful production skills of our podcast. We’ll be recording a few more episodes and then we’ll start releasing them.

So that’s big step 1.

Big step 2? I’m going to be officially starting The Daily Poet Newsletter, with an aim for weekly distribution. This newsletter will feature all of the poetry from the previous week and will bring you through my journey as I begin writing poems for contests and publications. I’ll be sharing my discoveries, research, and creative process for any and all who are interested.

But wait–there’s more!

Step 3, which is really more like step 2.5, is that I’ll be using YOUR feedback via the newsletter, blog comments, and podcast feedback to determine a theme for March. I am loving the free form and it’s really helping me to expand, but I’d like now to start pushing myself and I think having a dedicated touchstone connecting the poems for a few weeks is an excellent way to do that. Fingers crossed.

And now on to today’s poem–another love poem. I know, you’re going to start charging me for your dental work with all the cavities I’m giving. But my bride is home today and home feels far more like HOME again. It’s good to have her back.

Space to Place