Day 127: Dinosaur Thoughts

My bride and I read “The Dragons are Singing Tonight” yesterday. It’s a delightfully illustrated book of poetry all about, you guessed it, dragons. It sparked a few conversations and inspired me to today’s poem.

Dinosaur Thoughts

Day 133: Systems Within Systems

Before we get to today’s poem, please forgive me for a bit of a rant.

I had a conversation the other day with a very intelligent individual who firmly believes that we are about to destroy our planet and that the only solution is an immediate curb to our population growth. One child per household. Because that worked so well for China.

I do not disagree with him on the fact that our planet is on the verge of a massive system collapse. We have massive, and massively intricate, interlocking ecosystems that we have been steadily breaking down with delayed, exponentially increasing consequences. The planet is going to change soon. Dramatically. So will we.

His argument hinges upon the idea that our rate of consumption of resources and energy is fixed. That we will only have the means to correct that by not being so crowded for resources, especially when the crash happens.

My response is this: more people equals more solutions.

There’s a perceived flaw in this reasoning which is that we are waiting for geniuses to come along and solve our problems. Genius doesn’t work like that.

I stand by my argument. More people equals more solutions. The answer lies not in our ability to control our baser urges but in our ability to innovate.

NASA is currently experimenting with biomining in space–that is using bacteria to mine asteroids. The military has developed an artificial brain called SENTIENT capable of writing new software. 3D printing has reached the point where it can work with organic compounds and the techniques used are not nearly so wasteful as our typical methods of construction. Artificial Intelligences are being developed to act as expressions of ourselves. Children are growing up immersed in electronics. Forms of education we thought hyper-advanced 20-30 years ago are now common place.

As our population has exponentially grown over the last hundred off years, so has our technology. So has our ability to innovate. We are not increasing our population to wait for a handful of outliers. What we are doing is working to raise the overall standard.

Things are going to change. It’s inevitable. Some of it will probably be bad. Call me an optimist, but I think that more of it’s going to be good.

Systems Within Systems

Day 110: Present

Thinking about time and space again this morning, as well as personal goals, both for this year and for life in general. I’m passing several major milestones and it has me thinking about where I am right now, where I wanted to be, and where I want to be in the future knowing and experiencing what I have. It’s given me a particular appreciation for my current positioning in space-time. More than appreciation, I feel as if I am, perhaps somewhat belatedly, learning to use my present for more.


Day 188: A Quiet Moment

Sometimes they are difficult to find. This is, I think, because quiet moments aren’t ever truly found: quiet moments are made.

A Quiet Moment

Day 170: Insufficient Contact

Work is keeping my bride and I apart again. It’s a wonderful problem to have. It means though that we don’t get to see each other enough and even when we do that amount isn’t enough because we know it’s only temporary and we are each left craving more.

Insufficient Contact

Day 147: The Gift of Presence

I love where I live. I am grateful that my bride and I have moved here. This is a wonderful, welcoming community that has been very good to both of us.

I have two good friends who I do not speak to as often as I wish I could or even as often as I should. My family often has events that I have to decline the invitations to. Our home is wonderful, I wouldn’t give it up, but there is a much greater effort to share oneself with people over distance.

My parents made a trip down from Houston today just to join my bride and I for breakfast on Memorial Day. It was kind and generous and inspiring. They made an effort. They sacrificed time and space to join us today. How amazing is that? I must try harder to do the same.

The Gift of Presence

Day 67: Naked Puppy

Puppy got his heavy fur coat shaved today. I swear it took off about 20lbs. It’s easy to forget just how fluffy he is until we shave him down. At least he won’t have to suffer the heat, even if the poor boy looks ridiculous.

Naked Puppy

Day 37: Space to Place

Big steps being taken for The Everyday Poet! First up, special thanks to Eduardo for his masterful production skills of our podcast. We’ll be recording a few more episodes and then we’ll start releasing them.

So that’s big step 1.

Big step 2? I’m going to be officially starting The Daily Poet Newsletter, with an aim for weekly distribution. This newsletter will feature all of the poetry from the previous week and will bring you through my journey as I begin writing poems for contests and publications. I’ll be sharing my discoveries, research, and creative process for any and all who are interested.

But wait–there’s more!

Step 3, which is really more like step 2.5, is that I’ll be using YOUR feedback via the newsletter, blog comments, and podcast feedback to determine a theme for March. I am loving the free form and it’s really helping me to expand, but I’d like now to start pushing myself and I think having a dedicated touchstone connecting the poems for a few weeks is an excellent way to do that. Fingers crossed.

And now on to today’s poem–another love poem. I know, you’re going to start charging me for your dental work with all the cavities I’m giving. But my bride is home today and home feels far more like HOME again. It’s good to have her back.

Space to Place