Day 127: Dinosaur Thoughts

My bride and I read “The Dragons are Singing Tonight” yesterday. It’s a delightfully illustrated book of poetry all about, you guessed it, dragons. It sparked a few conversations and inspired me to today’s poem.

Dinosaur Thoughts

Day 54: Dive

Saw the most remarkable sight the other day. A pair of raptors were hunting, catching small rodents and then devouring them in midair. What was most remarkable was how well they controlled their flight post-hunt. They seemed almost frozen in the air, all but unmoving. That mastery was simply majestic and has stayed with me.


Day 27: Raptors High

Saw a pair of birds of prey fighting over the lot where I walk my dog. Graceful and fascinating. I really need to learn how to identify birds. One was smaller and white with a long tail white the other was bigger with banded wings and tail and a darn head. They inspired today’s poem.

Raptors High