Day 308: Eyes of Wonder

I keep running into scenes, excerpts, and quotes about childish things in adulthood–seeing things as a child sees them, not fearing judgement for what we enjoy, and embracing wonder. I think someone might be trying to tell me something, because the truth is, I struggle with these things.

Eyes of Wonder

Day 127: Dinosaur Thoughts

My bride and I read “The Dragons are Singing Tonight” yesterday. It’s a delightfully illustrated book of poetry all about, you guessed it, dragons. It sparked a few conversations and inspired me to today’s poem.

Dinosaur Thoughts

Day 64: Taste is a Song With No Words

Had a piece of key lime pie today. Got me thinking about the power and unity of taste. The ingredients we bring together from all around the world to make a meal and the way we all come together for a meal…just food for thought.

Taste is a Song With No Words