Day 135: Purpose Driven Engine Two Point Oh

Got to thinking during my quiet time this morning about something my bride said to me about the way I have focused on becoming a writer. I am purpose driven. This year more so than any other time in my life. That said, I’ve been sluggish lately, especially in a creative capacity.

Good changes are in progress and I need to take advantage of the opportunities they are affording me. To do so I am going back to basics. Today I am returning the the goals that I set for myself this year. I am re-examining my processes and the balance in my life.

Purpose Driven Engine Two Point Oh

Day 124 & Day 125: Stranger’s Embrace, Winding Roads

Today and yesterday’s poems! I figured another two-fer would be better than a three-fer.

Stranger‘s Embrace

Winding Roads

Day 33: Ritual

I am one of those people who does exceptionally well when I know what is going to happen. Routines, systems, habits–these things help to energize and propel me forward. I like structure and knowing the next piece I’ll need to build with. There’s a power to this that is sacred and it occurred to me that like so many of the tools we have available at our fingertips in such abundance, how we use this tool, or misuse it, can alter the course of our entire life.