Day 143: How Do I Fly?

It’s been one crazy week. A lot of tough learning, a lot of picking back up, and a lot of being pulled in multiple directions. It’s times like these that all we can do is pick one and go for it.

How Do I Fly?

Day 55: The Sun Shines On

After weeks of sea fog the sun is here! Unfortunately my bride and I will not be able to take advantage of it today. That’s the thing about the sun though, isn’t it? It’s always shining. Even in Seattle the rain occasionally parts to let it through.

The Sun Shines On

Day 49: The Skies are Silver

Today’s poem is brought to you by…

…a week’s worth of heavy sea fog suddenly lifted this morning so that we have actual sunlight mixed with our gusty winds…

…a forecast for a week’s worth of nonstop rain…

…and thoughts of my loving bride.


The Skies are Silver