February 14 2020: Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day. I have some lovely, simple and beautiful plans with my wonderful bride this evening.

Te amo, Corazon.

Valentines Day

Day 10: A Breath of Agency

Was thinking this morning about character agency in storytelling and how powerful a force it is. Remove it and you remove the heart and soul of the story. That got my thinking about agency in our lives. How do we express it and what happens when we do?

A Breath of Agency

Day 41: Mental Treasures

YIKES! I changed up things today and abandoned my routines and systems. The result? I completely forgot about writing today’s poem until just a few moments ago!

It’s funny how a little change can lead to things slipping away and the very recognition of that loss can serve as inspiration for recovering what was forgotten and building upon it.

Mental Treasures