Day 10: A Breath of Agency

Was thinking this morning about character agency in storytelling and how powerful a force it is. Remove it and you remove the heart and soul of the story. That got my thinking about agency in our lives. How do we express it and what happens when we do?

A Breath of Agency

Day 161: Untitled

Another Untitled piece because for the life of me I couldn’t come up with one. I’m open to suggestions if you have any.

This morning finds me thinking on the buildup before a big decision. Sometimes the decision is yours. Sometimes it is someone else’s. Sometimes they are very big decisions and sometimes they are small but significant decisions and sometimes there is more than one occurring at once.


Day 160: Baseline

I had an interesting conversation with my bride about expressions we each thought of as synonymous yet which each of us understood differently. In particular our standard responses to the common question “How was your day?” provided the inspiration for today’s poem.


Day 132: To Live is to Dare

Mother’s Day has me thinking about courage and decisions. Say what you will about instinct, at the end of the day it is a choice to be a parent. A courageous choice and one worthy of admiration. I’ve been blessed with a pair of wonderful role models.

Happy Mother’s Day.

To Live is to Dare

Day 83: Brain Center

Does anybody else ever wonder about your brain? What distinguishes us from it? When you get down to it, we are the sum of our memories which create our thoughts, electrical pulses zipping back and forth across this squiggly mass of grey matter. Are we the flesh housing or the energy coursing through it? Both? Neither?

Brain Center