Day 93: Secret Corners

I had lunch with my sister today and got to glimpse a sliver of her life. She took me to a small restaurant hidden beneath downtown Houston that I never would have know was there. It got me thinking of the places, and memories, that we collect and how they define a piece of our existence and how eager, and terrified, we are to share them.

Secret Corners

Day 83: Brain Center

Does anybody else ever wonder about your brain? What distinguishes us from it? When you get down to it, we are the sum of our memories which create our thoughts, electrical pulses zipping back and forth across this squiggly mass of grey matter. Are we the flesh housing or the energy coursing through it? Both? Neither?

Brain Center

Day 64: Taste is a Song With No Words

Had a piece of key lime pie today. Got me thinking about the power and unity of taste. The ingredients we bring together from all around the world to make a meal and the way we all come together for a meal…just food for thought.

Taste is a Song With No Words

Day 60: You Are Not Invisible

Today marks another milestone. That’s two months down! Ten more to go.

It seems fitting to mark this occasion with a love poem dedicated to my better half and creative partner in crime, my bride. We men are not always the best communicators. Not to say that all men are terrible at it, only I’ve found that those of us in passionately loving relationships have a tendency to miss things. We fail to confer with our partners, or simply forget things they tell us in passing. And it’s not done out of any sort of misogynistic default or dismissal so much as simple distraction.

Love makes fools of us all, and I am no exception.

You Are Not Invisible

Day 53: Unthinking Rock

My friend and cohost for The Everyday Pier Podcast, Eduardo, is fond of saying that computers are just rocks that we have tricked into thinking. My computer is suffering some kind of glitch that has it thinking itself into knots.

Unthinking Rock

Day 41: Mental Treasures

YIKES! I changed up things today and abandoned my routines and systems. The result? I completely forgot about writing today’s poem until just a few moments ago!

It’s funny how a little change can lead to things slipping away and the very recognition of that loss can serve as inspiration for recovering what was forgotten and building upon it.

Mental Treasures